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13-04-2023Brand Metrics

Why a spread of metrics is critical for measuring

Brand Metrics’ Anders Lithner on why a spread of metrics is critical for measuring campaign performance - and a warning about the limitations of research panels

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09-02-2023Brand Metrics

A New Era for Audio

Advertisers and agencies are now able to measure the impact of audio campaigns, and a new study reveals the full brand impact of radio, livestream and podcasts

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24-01-2023Sean Adams, Global Insight Director

Brand lift metrics: The key to performance marketing in 2023

In marketing measurement, a 'little and often' approach is critical to long-term success. Just as putting a small amount of money away regularly builds up a nest egg, so measuring every campaign every time boosts marketing effectiveness, capitalises on campaign successes, reduces failures, and builds future value.

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18-01-2023Anders Lithner, CEO, Brand Metrics

Predicting a time of improvement through understanding

From a metrics and measurement perspective, 2023 will be the year of advertisers trying to understand and improve.

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28-11-2022Johanna Silfwerbrand Bendroth

Hope you will enjoy the new Brand Metrics Portal

We are happy to announce that we have released an updated version of the Brand Metrics Portal. Our Portal, the heart of the platform, has basically been looking the same since its birth, five years ago and now it was about time for us to give it an update.

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07-07-2022Sean Adams, Global Insight Director

Going native: opening up brand measurement for sponsored content

When it comes to native advertising, using the wrong metrics, and measuring only infrequently, have been limiting factors for publishers. But now publishers are becoming critical partners for advertisers by adopting the right metrics for measuring native advertising and doing it frequently.

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20-05-2022Sumran Kaul, Client Lead

Branded content: the next frontier in the world of digital metrics

While the marketing industry is always evolving, so much remains the same: media owners try to convince advertisers they’ll deliver return on investment; marketeers want proof of that ROI; and people, meanwhile, ignore most of the ads they’re exposed to. But overall, we also know that marketing does indeed work and affects how people think and behave.

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28-04-2022Sean Adams, Global Insight Director

Brands and publishers know branded content works – they just need the proof

In a world in which there are too many ads, and most get largely ignored, brands are desperate for effective methods of engagement. And because publishers are experts in nurturing highly engaged audiences, branded content campaigns, run in premium environments, have become an increasingly important opportunity.

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21-04-2022Sumran Kaul, Client Lead

A custom-built solution for measuring branded content

Brand Metrics is purpose-built for publishers to measure brand uplift across all digital advertising. The smart solution addresses cost, accuracy, comparability. Sumran goes into detail in his newest blog.

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12-04-2022Sean Adams, Global Insight Director

Why proving campaign success is key to publisher success

While the concept around “If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?” is about perception and how much we know about the unobserved world, the idea has a parallel when it comes to campaign performance. It’s the idea that if a campaign is not measured, then did it really fail or succeed – or even exist at all – as there is no proof?

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25-03-2022Anette Hallgren, Client Director

Unlocking mobile's branding potential

Anette Hallgren, Client Director at Brand Metrics, says all that brands need to have confidence in mobile as a branding medium, is access to the right metrics.

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17-03-2022Sumran Kaul, Client Lead

Branded Content: Measurement approaches in a digital world

Marketers know effective branded content in premium environments provides brands with a strong halo effect, but measurement options offered by publishers are often weak, with over reliance on flawed panel-based research.

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25-02-2022Tom Jenen, Chief Revenue Officer

Can independent publishers beat walled gardens for campaign performance? Yes. But they need to prove it.

If publishers are to break directly into the consciousness of brands, they need to talk in the language that makes marketers’ hearts beat faster. Clicks, engagement and views - which the big platforms win on, anyway - are out.

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17-02-2022Sean Adams, Global Insight Director

Unlocking brand spend by delivering the metrics advertisers need

Branding is finally coming of age in digital – and it's all thanks to measurement.

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10-02-2022Anette Hallgren, Client Director

Spoiler Alert – mobile works and you can prove it

Blessed with enormous reach and engagement, mobile is nonetheless characterised as a performance channel and misses out on branding budgets due to perceptions of its immeasurability. But what if mobile activity could be measured for awareness, consideration, preference and intent, like any other brand channel? <br> Spoiler: it can, our client director Anette Hallgren explains the difference mobile measurement can make to brands’ channel choices.

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02-02-2022Anders Lithner, CEO

Yes, digital advertising is effective

There's a narrative that advertising has stopped working. It's told so often these days that it's becoming an industry truth. Advertising used to be effective because it was creative. Now it's not - creative or effective. But has the fire really gone out?

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28-01-2022Sean Adams, Global Insight Director

Why everyone should be speaking the universal language of metrics

The single most important aspect of marketing in today’s world is analytics. As a marketer, knowing how your campaign performed is a critical requirement that will inform all advertising for the foreseeable future.

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28-10-2021Brand Metrics

What are the main benefits that regularly measuring brand lift provides to brands, to agencies and to publishers?

Brand lift studies give us the opportunity to measure the actual "lift", in other words, the value of branding campaigns.

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23-09-2021Brand Metrics

How do you typically measure the effect of your digital campaigns? How has this evolved?

How have traditional campaign effectiveness measurements evolved? Experts from Jellyfish, Webrepublic, GSK, Precis and Wavemaker sound off in our latest blog.

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10-08-2021Tom Jenen, chief revenue officer

Brand Metric’s asks the experts! What are your views on brand lift measurement? Do you request it on campaigns you are responsible for? Do you often receive it?

...we will finally be able to compare brand uplift around formats and environments for each brand. And because it’s “always on” by nature, we will also have vastly improved benchmarks.

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05-07-2021Brand Metrics

Have you noticed any changes in the balance between direct response and branding campaigns in recent times? If so, what do you feel has been driving this?

Let's talk about the balance between Direct Response and Branding campaigns in advertising. We ask industry experts if they’ve noticed any changes in the balance between direct response and branding campaigns in recent times? And if there are, what are the driving forces behind it?

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10-06-2021Brand Metrics

What main roles does digital display advertising play in building the brands you are responsible for?

In the digital age, what role does display advertising play in building brands? There's still plenty of room to grow. We ask experts from Jellyfish, Webrepublic, GSK, Precis Digital, and Wavemaker about what roles digital plays in effectively establishing brands.

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27-05-2021 Johanna Silfwerbrand Bendroth

Say hi to Custom Benchmarks

We’re really excited to announce our latest new feature, it’s related to benchmark data and you find it on reported measurements in the portal.

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13-04-2021Brand Metrics

Jellyfish’s Programmatic Director Kate Mezzanotte on Campaign Measurement Best Practice for Brands

"The most mature brands have definitely ramped up branding spend on digital channels. For two main reasons: first, Digital TV solutions have become more suitable and measurable versus analogue TV. Second, because of general advancements in measurement.”

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30-03-2021Brand Metrics

Webrepublic Head of Programmatic Damian Chandler on CPMs & Changing Minds with Brand Uplift

"In an ideal world, we would have brand uplift measures for all aspects of each and every campaign."

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23-03-2021Brand Metrics

GSK’s Jerry Daykin on What Regular Brand Uplift Measurement Means for Both Brands & Publishers

“For premium publishers, brand lift is a good way of producing objective proof of more impactful environments, and thereby justifying higher CPMs.”

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16-03-2021Anders Lithner

How Measuring Vaccine Success Holds the Key to More Successful Campaigns

Showing a weak creative to lots of people is just wasting money. Creating the best campaign in the world and showing it to a handful, will likewise have little effect on business objectives.

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09-03-2021Brand Metrics

Precis Digital Programmatic Lead Caroline Franzén on Opportunities and Challenges in Brand Lift Measurement

"We see a lot of benefits when it comes to brand lift studies. It gives us the possibility to measure the value of digital marketing that we can´t capture with attribution or other statistical modelling."

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01-03-2021Brand Metrics

GroupM Media Agency Wavemaker’s Approach to Brand Uplift and Campaign Measurement

“Brand Metrics’ key strength is its neutrality – and that is why I’ve been campaigning for publishers here to start using their tech.”

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09-02-2021Brand Metrics

How BurdaForward used Brand Lift Measurement at Scale to Drive Revenue

“Since offering Brand Metrics’ measurements, clients are even more engaged in campaign results and reporting, leading to more rebooking follow-up campaigns. This is obviously a big add-on for us.”

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02-02-2021Brand Metrics

How Media24 used Brand Lift Measurement at Scale to Drive Revenue

"For premium, quality publishers, measuring branding effects is absolutely fundamental. There is a need to diversify beyond performance alone."

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26-01-2021Brand Metrics

How Local Publisher JPI Media used Brand Lift Measurement at Scale to Drive Revenue

"What we effectively have now is a feedback loop on campaign outcomes, so we are better able to improve those outcomes for our customers.”

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19-01-2021Brand Metrics

How the Ozone Project Uses Brand Metrics to Reinforce the Value of its Platform

"if you only use metrics that treat every impression on the web as created equal, you don’t necessarily get the most out of quality contexts."

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04-01-2021Brand Metrics

How Ster used Brand Lift Measurement at Scale to Drive Revenue

"If we are truly to compete with [Google and Facebook}, we need to prove similar value – and Brand Metrics is the perfect tool to do that."

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20-10-2020Anders Lithner

How brand lift has been affected by the pandemic

This data provides unique insight on the impact of Covid-19 on the digital ad market.

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20-09-2020Anders Lithner

How publishers are becoming strategic advisors

The more brand lift data a media owner collects, the better advice they are able to give. Now there is evidence...

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20-08-2020Anders Lithner

Strong brand = more interaction = more sales

Building a strong brand means increasing the likelihood of people interacting, which, in turn, means increasing the likelihood of sales...

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20-07-2020Anders Lithner

When to use targeting...and when not to

Sometimes targeting is the right decision when running digital campaigns. Sometimes it is not. To help decide, marketers have to look at...

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20-06-2020Anders Lithner

What is an optimal frequency level?

Optimal frequency is typically higher than what is reflected in the average digital campaign plan. It also varies depending on...

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