Measuring brand lift has never been easier

Brand Metrics' market-leading SaaS platform uses innovative technology to deliver a more sophisticated and scalable approach to brand lift measurement.

Illustration of the value of advertising

” There is a big role for the brand lift metric to prove the special value of premium branded content. Especially where it gives marketers further evidence that premium content and user engagement go hand in hand. ”

Burda Forward, Germany
Times Square ads

We always deliver baseline and incremental uplift on...

  • Brand awareness
  • Brand consideration
  • Brand preference
  • Purchase / action intent

...and compare the scores with relevant benchmarks

Simple set-up

Our standard set-up involves adding a small, one-off javascript to publisher sites, which then captures details of both exposure frequency and time in view for all measured campaigns.

Clever retargeting

The script also retargets a small sub-set of those exposed to each campaign with a single question survey, which doesn't require the use of third-party cookies.

Sophisticated algorithms

The exposure and survey data is then analysed by our regression-based algorithms, to calculate both brand lift and brand standings, our calculated unexposed score.

True scalability

Our efficient approach enables the measurement of very small campaigns (as low as 50k impressions) and also avoids the need to recruit panels to survey unexposed groups.

And with a single monthly fee allowing measurement of unlimited campaigns, there is no reason to prevent campaign measurement becoming an always on metric.

Time-saving processes

Campaigns can be set up in under 5 minutes, via our customer portal, significantly reducing the internal resource time involved.

Likewise, results are automatically delivered in a presentation-ready report that also compares campaign scores against our extensive set of benchmarks.

The process can be automated still further, using our custom APIs.

” The ability to measure a broader profile of campaigns means we're actively winning business that we wouldn't have in the past ”

Immediate Media, UK

Effectiveness data available every time to drive growth

This consistent brand lift data enables publishers to grow their sales revenue and enables advertisers and agencies to learn from the results and optimise future campaigns for greater effect.