Introducing Robby Kraai: Leading Brand Metrics into the Connected TV Space

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Amanda Mattsson

As we expand into the rapidly growing world of Connected TV, we are delighted that Robby Kraai has joined our fast growing team. As our Head of CTV, Robby's on a mission to revolutionise how we engage with Connected TV.

To give Robby a proper introduction, we've asked him to share some insights as part of our brand-new "Introducing..." series.

What is your role at Brand Metrics and where does your expertise lie?

I'm thrilled to be leading the charge as the Head of CTV at Brand Metrics. My passion lies in all things Connected TV and video, and my journey to this role has been nothing short of exhilarating so far.

It started back at SpotX, now known as Magnite, where I got my first taste of the dynamic world of video ecosystems and programmatic advertising. But it was my time at XITE that really got me hooked on Connected TV. XITE is a Spotify-like experience, but with music videos blasting on the big screen. It was there that I dove head-first into understanding the ins and outs of Connected TV.

Then came the moment I joined the Brand Metrics team. Their passion for innovation and vision for the future of Connected TV struck a chord with me, and I knew I had to be a part of it. Joining forces with their incredible team felt like the perfect next step in my journey. Now, as the Head of CTV, I'm ready to keep pushing boundaries with the team.

What made Brand Metrics stand out to you?

I chose to join Brand Metrics for a variety of reasons. Firstly, the team stood out to me as exceptional. Having collaborated with some of them during my time at XITE and other companies, I knew first-hand their level of expertise and dedication. 

Brand Metrics’ deep understanding of the industry is evident, and I was particularly impressed by their commitment to delivering their best-in-class product that sets them apart in the industry. Brand Metrics' reputation for excellence and innovation in marketing solidified my decision to join the team.

Why do you think CTV is becoming so important in the adtech space?

With the rise of streaming content, especially video, traditional TV is taking a back seat. This change has opened up new avenues to reach audiences, particularly those who are harder to reach through traditional means. Connected TV offers a platform for advertisers, allowing them to measure and fine-tune campaigns in real time on big, impactful screens. 

One of the stand-out features of CTV is its ability to target audiences digitally, catering to those who have fully embraced digital media. This personalisation creates a unique opportunity to connect with viewers on a deeper level. And, what really sets CTV apart is its knack for delivering detailed insights, giving advertisers a clear picture of how their campaigns are performing. Armed with this data, they can fine-tune their strategies for even better results. 

Plus, CTV supports advanced targeting and attribution models, providing a holistic view of the customer journey. It's not just about making an impression; it's about making the right impression in the right place at the right time. And with CTV, advertisers have the power to do just that.

How have Brand Metrics started to take on the CTV space? What are you excited for in the year ahead?

Brand Metrics has been diving headfirst into the world of CTV. I'm eager to explore this space further with the entire team, building on the successes we've already achieved with the likes of Paramount+ and XITE. 

We've been putting in the hours, brainstorming new solutions to benefit both advertisers and publishers. Our focus is on developing more advanced measurement tools because, let's face it, knowing whether your campaign actually works is the ultimate goal. We're committed to providing answers and insights that help our clients make informed decisions and drive real results.

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