Gothenburg city view

From Gothenburg to Global

Growing from our initial Nordic roots, Brand Metrics' customer base now includes many of the world's leading publishers, who rely on us to demonstrate their effectiveness to high profile advertisers and agencies.

Our history

Brand Metrics was founded in Gothenburg in 2018, where the leaders of a highly-regarded research company, combined forces with a media-focused tech team, to create the Brand Metrics solution.

Since then, Brand Metrics has brought together a team who are different in experience and expertise, but united in the ambition to help advertisers solve that age-old problem “ did my campaign work? ”

We are Brand Metrics

Brand Metrics is a Venn diagram of technology, media and research. It's also a bunch of lovely, curious, caring humans, focused on a constantly improving SaaS solution.

We are from all around the world. Brand Metrics have people on the ground in nine countries: Sweden, USA, United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Australia, and Japan.

We have different outlooks, languages, experiences, and skills. That is what makes Brand Metrics such a dynamic product company, as well as a great place to work.

Photo of Brandmeatrics team

“ The best media technology partner 2022 ” according to the AOP - Association of Online Publishers

Brand Metrics won this prestigious award at the 2022 AOP Digital Publishing Awards, in London, with judges saying “ Brand Metrics has been recognised as a game changer for publishers, delivering brand lift data on most campaigns, simply and inexpensively. Commercial teams can prove the effectiveness of past campaigns and use the results to help sell in future campaigns, while research teams can use the metadata to learn more about what really works on their sites. ”