Introducing… Head of Customer Success, Taylor Sturtevant

Customer Success
Amanda Mattsson

At Brand Metrics we’d be nothing without our customer success team, who ensure that our clients are not only achieving their goals but truly thriving with the help of our services. Heading up our customer success team in the US and APAC regions, Taylor Sturtevant is the beating heart of our efforts to keep our customers happy.

What is your role at Brand Metrics and where do your expertise lie?

As Head of Customer Success at Brand Metrics, I work hand in hand with our clients to be the best possible partner for them. Clients come to me with needs they want fulfilled and my aim is to ensure that those needs are met. I thrive in identifying their true intentions or requirements and understanding what their fundamental, underlying goals are, rather than just working from the questions that they’re asking me. Reading between the lines and truly understanding your client is what makes the distinction between fulfilling a request and actually meeting the needs in hand. 

What initially drew you to joining Brand Metrics? What made them stand out to you? 

This is actually a funny story. My boss from my previous role saw the job at Brand Metrics, applied and interviewed herself. After meeting the team and the brilliant people behind Brand Metrics, she realised that instead of the role being one for her, it was perfect for me. 

I was doing really well in my job at the time and was on the brink of a promotion so I wasn’t really thinking anything of it but I gave it a go anyway, and the people at Brand Metrics completely sold it to me. The technology, the people, their plans for the future, it was so exciting to me. I knew that if I didn’t take the opportunity to work for Brand Metrics, I would be denying myself the opportunity to learn from top experts in our field. If you start to think you’re the smartest person in the room, you’re in the wrong room, and when I joined Brand Metrics I was so excited to soak up all the knowledge around me. 

Why is your team such an important aspect of making Brand Metrics what it is? What are your key priorities as a team?

I am really proud of customer success here at Brand Metrics, I was actually the first official US hire back in 2021. We had three or four US customers at the time and now I’m juggling 20+ of them! It just goes to show how customer success has been such a critical role in the expansion of the US market for Brand Metrics. Being able to be at the forefront of that growth and knowing that it’s our relationships with the clients that are keeping them close has been fantastic.

The most important aspect of a customer success team is recognising that the reason why we exist is to build and maintain those relationships with our clients. Those relationships are what sets you apart from something like customer support - when you have a close relationship with a client it gives you that sense of trust and humanises the connection between you and them. Your clients become your partners, adding an extra layer of confidence to your relationship. 

As Director of Customer Success, what would you say are the critical factors that contribute to the success of a customer success team, especially in the ad tech industry?

In an ever-changing, fast paced environment like adtech, it’s really important that we have the space to develop those client relationships in whatever way they need to develop. The world has changed so much in the past four years. For instance, there are so many people that are now working remotely. Everyone is in their own siloed space and you need to find a way to penetrate that space and show that you want to build a space together so you can collaborate and be their partner. 

It can be really difficult to collaborate when you don’t have a team that supports that, which is why I think, for customer success to thrive, you need to foster an environment where they have the space to develop those relationships and go beyond the regular boundaries. To actually be able to get face to face with a client and sit down and listen to those subtle needs that they’re not necessarily going to mention when they’re staring at a camera on a call can be a game-changer. 

What strategies do you employ to stay updated with the evolving needs and challenges of customers in the ad tech industry?

I’ve been in marketing and advertising since I left college and it constantly evolves, no matter what sector you’re in. It seems like things are changing monthly and it can be hard to keep up. In my experience, newsletters can be helpful but the most effective way of keeping updated with the evolving needs of the industry is simply by talking to your clients. 

Through your client relationships, you have the tools in your belt to tap into that knowledge first-hand. There’s no harm in asking your clients what’s coming down the pipeline regularly, understanding what their needs are and how they might change with the evolving landscape of the industry. 

Looking ahead, what are your goals and priorities for further enhancing customer success within Brand Metrics?

We have huge changes coming to the customer success team at Brand Metrics and I am so excited! We are currently offering a new job opportunity that is now live on our website. We are expanding the US customer success team and we are looking for a Customer Success Analyst as we speak. I’ve already written out the career timeline for whoever joins because I’m just so excited to be giving our customers even more support and - fingers crossed -  that should be coming within the next two or three months. 

Are there any exciting future plans for Brand Metrics in the industry that you can share with us?

Aside from expanding my own team, I’m definitely excited about Robbie Kraai’s efforts with CTV. CTV has been this black box that no one’s been able to crack or get into and now we’re at the forefront of that and I can’t wait to see where this takes us and our measurement solutions. 

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