Connected TV: The measurement challenge

Man holding a remote control in front of a television
Robby Kraai, Head of CTV, Brand Metrics

Connected TV (CTV) advertising, characterized by its expansive reach and potential for engagement on larger screens, presents a set of unique challenges and opportunities for advertisers.

The immersive and cinematic experience offered by CTV on larger screens provides advertisers with a powerful platform for impactful storytelling and brand messaging. This environment allows for captivating visual narratives that enhance brand recall and foster positive associations with the advertised products or services.

However, advertisers can struggle to harness CTV's potential for brand uplift, especially on the big screen, given the absence of standardized measurement systems, a fragmented data landscape and limited visibility into brand safety.

New challenges require new solutions

Quantifying brand uplift on CTV becomes a challenge when traditional click-through metrics are not readily available. But in the absence of direct user interactions like clicks, advertisers need to explore alternative methods to measure the impact of their campaigns on brand perception and consumer behavior.

One effective approach involves using methodologies that are not relying on before-and-after exposure studies. Advertisers can employ ongoing brand-tracking studies that measure key brand metrics such as awareness, perception and intent to purchase. By continuously assessing these metrics over the course of a campaign, advertisers can gauge the evolving impact of the campaign on brand perception without the need for a direct comparison, before and after exposure.

Additionally, partnerships with third-party measurement firms can play a crucial role in evaluating brand metrics on CTV. These firms specialize in developing sophisticated methodologies, using statistical analysis to isolate the impact of CTV advertising on brand metrics. Such collaborations can provide advertisers with valuable independent insights into the effectiveness of their campaigns in driving brand uplift, without necessarily relying on a pre-exposure baseline.

To enhance engagement and interaction on CTV, advertisers can also explore creative solutions beyond traditional clicks. Interactive elements within CTV ads, such as QR codes, voice commands or clickable overlays, provide avenues for measuring audience engagement beyond passive viewing. While these interactions may not be as direct as traditional clicks, they offer valuable insights into the level of engagement and interest generated by the advertisement.

The need for a collaborative approach

Addressing broader industry challenges, such as the lack of standardized measurement systems and the fragmented data landscape, requires collaborative initiatives. Industry-wide agreements on data-sharing protocols and the development of unified data standards can create a more cohesive ecosystem for advertisers. Standardized measurement metrics, comparable across different CTV platforms, would enhance advertisers' ability to assess and optimize campaigns effectively.

CTV advertising's potential for measuring brand uplift on the big screen is significant, and advertisers can navigate current challenges by adopting ongoing measurement methodologies into their strategies. Partnerships with third-party measurement firms and the incorporation of interactive elements within ads will lead to a more nuanced understanding of audience engagement. Concurrently, industry collaboration is essential to establishing standardized measurement systems and addressing the fragmented data landscape, ensuring advertisers can unlock the full potential of CTV for effective and impactful brand advertising.