The new standard for brand lift measurements

Welcome to Brand Metrics. We offer a software solution designed for the continuous measurement of brandlift.

It captures the campaign effects on brand awareness, brand consideration, preference and purchase intent – of any kind of advertising on any device.

The platform is GDPR compliant, highly secure and consists of robust and technology combined with a unique scientific algorithm.

Our +4 000 brandlift measurements for leading European publishers offers a solid benchmark database.

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Why should you use it?

Brandlift is the core value created by publishers to advertisers. By demonstrating brandlift publishers can shift discussions from imps and clicks to effect, and from prices to value. This allows the publisher to increase relevancy and become a trusted partner for advertisers

How does it work?

The Brand Metrics technology is easy to implement and as soon as the website is enabled, performing brandlift measurements is effortless.

  1. Book the campaign chosen for measurement in the Brand Metrics tool.
  2. A pixel tag will automatically be created to be included in the campaign creative, by the publisher, the advertiser or its agency
  3. The Brand Metrics solution performs the measurement and a ready-to-market campaign report is delivered to the publisher shortly after the campaign ends

About Brand Metrics

Brand Metrics is founded by the insight company Inizio in cooperation with a forefront tech team from the ad tech industry. That means that the software is new but the methodology is proven. Inizio has carried out thousands of similar measurements with premium publishers across Europe for several years. Brand Metrics has offices in Gothenburg and Stockholm.

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