Hope you will enjoy the new Brand Metrics Portal

Picture of new Brand Metrics portal
Johanna Silfwerbrand Bendroth

We are happy to announce that we have released an updated version of the Brand Metrics Portal. Our Portal, the heart of the platform, has basically been looking the same since its birth, five years ago and now it was about time for us to give it an update.

The major new thing is that you are landing on a dashboard instead of the measurement page when you log in. The dashboard contains some different charts and lists related to your measurements.

  • There is a counter of your total measurement, divided on upcoming, active, and reported measurements
  • A line chart displaying your monthly number of reported measurements the last 12 months
  • A list of your “Latest reports”
  • A list with a top list with your measurements with the highest total brand lift
  • A chart showing the distribution of measurement types (Native and Standard)

In addition to this, there is a communication feed where we at Brand Metrics will share, what we think will be valuable information and interesting content for you.

Apart from that, we have been redesigning some elements, moved a few things around and changed our coulure theme slightly. All changes with the purpose of making our portal as easy as possible to work with.