Say hi to Custom Benchmarks

Picture of custom benchmarks
Johanna Silfwerbrand Bendroth

We’re really excited to announce our latest new feature, it’s related to benchmark data and you find it on reported measurements in the portal.

But actually, even though we call it Custom Benchmarks, we think this new feature can give you lots of value in other use-cases and not only to create a relevant benchmark comparison for one particular report.

But let’s start with the core usage case, and then move over to other use-cases for it.

We have as many of you know five pre-set benchmark comparisons in our PowerPoint report, this new feature makes it possible for you to create a custom benchmark for each report and then include it in the PowerPoint presentation. So, you can now drill down in the database on different variables and create the benchmark comparison you find the most relevant for each and every brand and campaign report. You can elaborate and show a (relevant) benchmark that really support you in the story you’d like to tell you customer.

You can choose to either look at measurements in the entire Brand Metrics’ database or in your own database and from that choice you have some different variables to select among when creating your filters.

In the video clip below you find a use-case we know many of you have been asking for, that is to be able to narrow down the regional base and you can now choose what countries to include reports from.

You can add as many filters as you’d like, but in the Brand Metrics’ database you will eventually run in to lower limit of reported measurements in the base.

So, this is the core-usage of this new feature, but as you all can image, this also gives you an interactive tool to slice data in various ways and get the averages values across it. This data/ information that can be used in sales pitches and in more general sales materials. For example, you can look at the average performance in different industry sectors, across different ad formats, different types of targeting etc. in a really easy way now. The imagination is basically the only limitations here AND of course how comprehensive and riche you’ve made your data in the first place (really gives an incentive to making sure to ad campaign/brand details on the measurements additional info tab 😊).